Todd Green

Todd Green, Ph.D.

Todd Green is Associate Professor of Religion at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. He is a nationally recognized expert on Islamophobia in Europe and the United States.

As a dedicated public scholar, Green writes regularly for The Huffington Post and has been interviewed by a variety of media outlets on Islamophobia, including CNN, NPR, Al Jazeera, France 24, and Reuters. His views on Islamophobia have also been cited by organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Center for American Progress, and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Green’s most recent book is The Fear of Islam: An Introduction to Islamophobia in the West (Fortress Press, 2015). The book surveys the history of anti-Muslim prejudice in Europe and the United States and addresses the political and cultural factors contributing to the rise of Islamophobia in the post-9/11 era. Green is currently writing a book that challenges the presumption of guilt made about Muslims after terrorist attacks and that encourages a moratorium on calling on Muslims to condemn terrorism.

At Luther College, Green teaches courses on U.S. and European religious history, including: History of Christian Thought, Religion in America, Islamophobia, Theology and Religious Diversity, and Introduction to Interfaith Studies. Green also leads a study abroad course on Islam in Europe in which he takes college students to Greece, Denmark, Sweden, France, and Britain to study the political and cultural debates surrounding the place of Muslim minority communities.